Are you ready for Ransomware Again?

How can we take precaution to get protected from the attack of Ransomware? Reliable Anti-Spam and Antivirus should be available on your Email server (for corporate users) also ensure about updates regularly If you are using Outlook or any mail client ensure about scan mails delivering on your mailbox. Always use Quality worldwide known Antivirus … Continue reading Are you ready for Ransomware Again?


What is Ransomeware

Ransomware is one of the most powerful and damaging threats that internet users face today. Earlier CryptoLocker comes in notice in 2013, Ransomware do encrypt your files as ask you Ransome (Money) to de-crypting those files. Such type of Virus comes through email unwanted weblinks as a simple word, excel files which you can't identified … Continue reading What is Ransomeware