Lava Helium 14 light weight Notebook

It is wow and light weight Delightful with  light MRP Rs 14999 and USD 220 With OS of Windows 10 Go any place that will be your workplace. Helium 14 is a slim lightweight notebook, built for the ones who're always on the move. Its sleek fan-less design allows you to carry it anywhere and work … Continue reading Lava Helium 14 light weight Notebook


Life Changing Mantra Must Be Follow

​WAKUP UP EARLY : 5:30am is the time to wake up and take bed for sleeping at  10:30pm 7 Hours deep sleeping. Do follow this schedule you will get time to manage your time efficiently for the whole day. YOGA / EXERCISE Yoga and exercise for 10-15 minutes  daily. If you are unable to go park go to rooftop/balcony. But you … Continue reading Life Changing Mantra Must Be Follow

Are you ready for Ransomware Again?

How can we take precaution to get protected from the attack of Ransomware? Reliable Anti-Spam and Antivirus should be available on your Email server (for corporate users) also ensure about updates regularly If you are using Outlook or any mail client ensure about scan mails delivering on your mailbox. Always use Quality worldwide known Antivirus … Continue reading Are you ready for Ransomware Again?

Free JioPhone 4G VoLTE introduced as “DIGITAL FREEDOM”

Booking will Start on 24 August 2017 Beta testing of JioPhone start on 15 August 2017 Will be available for free of cost We have to pay Rs 1,500 which will be refundable security deposit for 3 years New Data Plans starting at Rs 153 for the device Supports 4G VoLTE for calls and data … Continue reading Free JioPhone 4G VoLTE introduced as “DIGITAL FREEDOM”

What is Ransomeware

Ransomware is one of the most powerful and damaging threats that internet users face today. Earlier CryptoLocker comes in notice in 2013, Ransomware do encrypt your files as ask you Ransome (Money) to de-crypting those files. Such type of Virus comes through email unwanted weblinks as a simple word, excel files which you can't identified … Continue reading What is Ransomeware

Jio 4G Laptop are you ready again..

Now Laptop come with 4G feature which will compatible to run 4G sim. Jio now planning to launch Laptop like Apple mac book. Specification would be as follows. Which you may be waiting for. Expertt saying this step will really help students who are currently using mobile as hotspot for Internet service for Laptops. Also Jio … Continue reading Jio 4G Laptop are you ready again..

Thunderbird not showing attachement

Sometime email from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird attachment shows only winmail.dat file.  Original attachment will not appear/ unreadable on Thunderbird. Thunderbird open source developer developed an plugin add-ons for this problem. That is Called LOOKOUT How can we install this plugin on Thunderbird. Open Thunderbird : Go to the Tools Menu and select "Add-ons" (If … Continue reading Thunderbird not showing attachement