Life Changing Mantra Must Be Follow

​WAKUP UP EARLY : 5:30am is the time to wake up and take bed for sleeping at  10:30pm 7 Hours deep sleeping. Do follow this schedule you will get time to manage your time efficiently for the whole day. YOGA / EXERCISE Yoga and exercise for 10-15 minutes  daily. If you are unable to go park go to rooftop/balcony. But you … Continue reading Life Changing Mantra Must Be Follow


How to save money on day to day purchase

We do daily purchases maythings like Electronics, vechles, cloths,Furniture,books etc. Before making any deal you suppose to think about to save money. 1. Coupons : before buying just search  on web related to coupons. By usings coupons you will get attractive discounts on your purchase some times 10% to 30%. 2. Used products : We … Continue reading How to save money on day to day purchase

India – Aadhar Card Values

1. LPG and gas connection related subsidy benefits can be get only if have your Aadhar Card. 2. Bank account numbers link with Aadhar Card it is become mandatory  that your Aadhar Card. 3. As an authentic I'D card for all purposes. 4. Secondary  School and competition exam purposes aadhar is mandatory 5. For new … Continue reading India – Aadhar Card Values

Fullform of few popular shortform

☞. *P D F* का मतलब है? उत्तर:- *Portable Document Format.* ☞. *H T M L* का मतलब है? उत्तर:- *Hyper Text Mark up Language.* ☞. *N E F T* का मतलब है? उत्तर:- *National Electronic Fund Transfer.* ☞. *M I C R* का मतलब है? उत्तर:- *Magnetic Inc Character Recognition.* ☞. *I F S … Continue reading Fullform of few popular shortform

Top Indian Born CEO

Sundar Pichai -CEO Google He born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu,India, he done his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur where he remains topper all the time andMS at Stanford and MBA at Wharton. In year 2004 Sundar Pichai joinded Google. Google drive, Google chrome and Chrome OS is responsible of his efforts which he has spend in … Continue reading Top Indian Born CEO

Habits makes you smarter

Come up with 10 ideas every day : Think about how to reduce poverty, how to solve a daily problem you have, interesting movie ideas, or anything. It doesn’t matter what subject your ideas fall into, as long as you’re working your brain and your idea muscles. Your list might even lead to a new … Continue reading Habits makes you smarter

डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम

किसी को हराना बहुत आसान है, लेकिन किसी को जितना बहुत मुश्किल है। सीखने से रचनात्मकता आती है, रचनात्मकता से विचार आते है, विचार ज्ञान की ओर ले जाता है और ज्ञान आपको महान बनाता है। सपने वो नहीं होते जो आप सोने के बाद देखते हैं, सपने वो होते हैं जो आपको सोने नहीं … Continue reading डॉ एपीजे अब्दुल कलाम