Life Changing Mantra Must Be Follow

​WAKUP UP EARLY : 5:30am is the time to wake up and take bed for sleeping at  10:30pm 7 Hours deep sleeping.

Do follow this schedule you will get time to manage your time efficiently for the whole day.

Yoga and exercise for 10-15 minutes  daily. If you are unable to go park go to rooftop/balcony. But you should do simple Yoga or exercise or jogging in the morning. Ensure some fresh air should be around you. Because it improves your health and whole day to you feel energetic.

Meditation for 10 to 20 minutes ( daily).If you do meditation daily, it improves your focus . Meditation will improve your brain health and efficiency reduces depression and anxiety. Recommend after excersie and Yoga. It will help you relax to our body and mind.

Prayer enhances the motivation toward goal .It will make you kind for humens and other creators. Also you will be able to understand the power of god.
That’s not mean ,you should only pray to god. You could also pray for your family and goal too.

Never abuse anyone for anything. Because when you abuse anybody he will also abuse in to your back. So don’t sow seed of abuse. Be polite even anybody make mistake. Learn this process up to greater extent. This practise will create a new person in you.

Always take advice but don’t argue with anybody. But do whatever is correct don’t flow your self in others bad advice.

Try to give respect all, you will also get respect. Respect parents and elders. Respect your juniors,respect women’s, seniors and everyone.

One day around you will be a circle of positivity.


Learning and study is never ending process. It will help to achieve your goals and will also help your circle to learn from you.

Make to ruitne of learning and study alteast 1 hour daily without fail. If you don’t want to regret at the old age do follow and defenitly you will get best result.

Listening is good habit if you concentrate  on it you will be able to understand better then toway communication.

While you are listening a person ,never judge them on behalf of status. Listen whatever they say. Who knows,that could be helpful information and may be do change your life. If it is not useful information , listen from first ear and exhaust from another ear .

Donate anything which you can it will give you peace of mind and other ones blassings. And most importantly happiness to other person’s and his family.

Social media : Avoid using social media is seriously. If anybody want to success in life it is very important to get ridoff social media. These sites and apps are designed to attract everyone this is the USP of these sites.

We generally use these social media sites accessive which just waste our valuable sites.

Drinking and Smoking: We never drink or smoke. This habits will break your all the good BABITS of life. Health and Wealth.

What ever the situation is never smoke and drink. It reduces your efficiency. Lead you to the major causes related to the health.

Watching TV: accessive watching TV and movies also waste your time and money. You know time is money no one want to waste money.


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