Are you ready for Ransomware Again?

How can we take precaution to get protected from the attack of Ransomware?Ransomeware

  1. Reliable Anti-Spam and Antivirus should be available on your Email server (for corporate users) also ensure about updates regularly
  2. If you are using Outlook or any mail client ensure about scan mails delivering on your mailbox.
  3. Always use Quality worldwide known Antivirus do not compromise buying on a good quality Antivirus and do always update of the same. Anti-Spayware enabled Antivirus also available on market can be procure with total security things.
  4. Windows genuine and update regularly as we know recently WanaCry solutions provided on Windows patch updates only.
  5. For corporate users must be check the flow of packets on their firewall. For home users can enable firewall security on his Wifi routers and choose secure Internet Service provider.
  6. Web browsing do not open any un-trusted websites generally many websites flash Adware on their website once you click on those links. These links redirect you Ransomware pool
  7. Most and important thinks Take backup of your Data. And try to make 1-2 copies of your backup. Sometimes we do overwrite our backup with infected files.

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