BHIM Aadhar pay an Avtaar for digital payments

India become first country who introduced  such different platform for digital trandactions.
BHIM is a symbol huge many times we called thas is like a BHIM ( One of strongest and powerful charactor of Mahabharata), So goverment of India launch BHIM app during Demonitization which was dedicated to Dr Bhim Rao Ambetkar father of our constitution development.
This apps get downloaded billions of users which is the record. But after some time this get downgraded. Due to awareness and competitiveness  of many startup apps, Like paytm, mobikwik and freecharge.

Now in addition  of this apps goverment added  Aadhar based validation where we do not required any smart phone or OTP (One time password).

Overview of fetures are as follows:

1. No need Mobile and debit/credit card it will automatically take money from your bank where is your Aadhar linked.

2. No need technical knowledge just scan your figure but amount and be a part of digitaliazation.

3. This App is developed for marchent who will accept payment through. Aadhar pay app Merchants can download this app from play store or iTunes. After that they have to log in with their Aadhaar number using the fingerprint scanner. Once the app is validated, merchants can use it to take payments.

4. Aadhar Pay would also not required internet connection, many payment apps, or POS machines. Aadhaar Pay will also not charge Merchant Discount Rate (MDR). Currently MDR is the charge paid by the merchants to a bank who  accepting digital transactions through credit or debit cards.

5. PM Modi announced a referral bonus for consumers and a cash-back scheme for merchants. A referral scheme that has been announced, means that users will get Rs 10 for each friend he/she refers to.

6. Now marchent  do not required POS machines  which cost approx 8000 they have to procure instead Aadhaar number using the fingerprint scanner which cost is approx 2000. No recuring charges.

7. Specially design for marchent and make reach for rural India too.


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