5G technology Nokia working on…

5G is more than just a new wireless radio technology. It is a new door opener for new communications possibilities.This technology Enabled many advanced key aspects over existing 4g. It is a programmable world will transform our lives, economy and society.

Nokia has identified five key aspects that describe how the transformation to 5G will evolve and how it will affect our lives and life styles on daily  go.

Versatile radio
System of systems

This paper outlines the 5G future and describes each of the five keys in detail. It explains how the possibilities will affect every user and industry. It provides insights into how new versatile radios and a programmable, multi-service network will support a variety of uses with diverse service requirements. And it offers a practical phased approach to the transformation that will allow operators to leverage the full potential of 5G.

Overview of 5G technology

1. Speed will be approx 1 gbps which will beat 4g which comes max 200 mbps.

2. All things will be real in front of you do not wait for download and Video streaming.

3. It will help help traffic control and medical support for remote location like real presence.

4. Communicate with any in any langues which  get converted on your language and vice versa.

5.expert said 5g technology will get start deployment 2020 onwards.

6. Your cable TV not required because you will get directly signal from mobile 5g technology. And all family members can see channel as per thair choice.

7.  Spectrum 5G are 28 Gigahertz, 37 GHz and 39 GHz bands.


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