Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus 

Screen:​Super amolad Galaxy S8 screen size is 14.65cm (5.8) as a full rectangle and 14.33cm (5.6) but you feel it like 5″ display.  Galaxy S8+ screen size is 15.81cm (6.2) and on hand it will feel like 5.5″ accounting for the rounded corners.

Operating Systems:
  Android Nougat v7.0 and  Samsung Exynos 9 Octa

Colours :
Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Maple Gold.

Traditional Home button will invisibale but just touch it work like old one.

Securities :
Has been given Iris lock means just look your mobile it will recognise your eyes.

Face detection
:keep full face of yours it will recognise your face to open the lock.

Figure prints
: figure print unlock features also enabled on Samsung Galaxy 8 mobile.

More are as earlier PIN,password ànd patterns  are also there.

Secure your apps and files using Knox which is best mobile security applications comes mostly comes with Samsung.

Cameras :
  as per promo and views your night pictures  will come ousome.

Raer Camera
: 12mp dual pixel senser and front 8mp with many professional fetures  enabled  like Shutter Speed, White Balance and Expousre.

Focus on Near, Far and equal focus on all objects.

Just swipe up and down to shift front to rear camera

: Downloads, charging and switching from app to app are all accomplished at incredibly fast speeds ever we seen as on. All the these improved by approx 20%.

First time introduced 10nm processor for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Water resistant up to 1.5 m of water for 30 minutes. Don’t worry  if you are not bringing your amerella

:  Galaxy S8’s comes with expendable fetures supports 256gb no need to worry about space.

: 4 gb internal memory 64gb

: 3000 mah, With wireless charging and fast charging capabilities, charging the battery is more fast. USB Type-C just close your eyes and insert cable now.

:  First times it comes with Bixby enables this is like Microsoft cortana. This take inputs using voice , text and your tabs just open this app. It will guide you what you are thinking.

Samsung DeX
: now use your Galaxy 8 series mobile as PC. Connect monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience exploration.

Home appliances
:  Ask your mobile to say good morning and good evening also control your A.C.,Tv etc.


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