How to save money on day to day purchase

We do daily purchases maythings like Electronics, vechles, cloths,Furniture,books etc.

Before making any deal you suppose to think about to save money.

1. Coupons : before buying just search  on web related to coupons. By usings coupons you will get attractive discounts on your purchase some times 10% to 30%.

2. Used products : We can also search for used products on web. Some time few users selling rare used products on web with heavy discounts it could move more than 50% some how. Such used produ ts websites we called Free classified websites. I.e olx, quickr and are few of them.

3.Credit Card /Debit Card:Many banks do tieup with ecommerce websites to promote their products and services and offer cash back using credit and debit cards you must be aware about such offers. Look into many website offer will appear on top of the website.

4. Digital wallets:  many digital wallets like PayPal, Paytm,  mobikwik and freecharge offers free cash back on their wallets. Which can be uses for future purchase  and Bill paymets. These days such wallets are offer best offers to promote thair sites.

5. Refurbished and older model: on web and Local market you will get many products which  get discounted due to older model. Refurbished ensure those products are getting refurbished by authorised company itself. Some time you will can’t judge refurbished and new products you can thinks about, If you are just going to purchase product just for show off or rare use discount chances are 20 to 30%

Note :Some time you can also get cheated when your are paying for new product but get refurbished.

6. Compare Prices : Don’t try to purchase on faith always looks and ask different vendor about price. Online you have available many websites which offers you to compare prices very easy way.


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