Mail Merge comman format problem

Problem: On excel Date format is DD/MM/YYY on Mail merse document taking MM/DD/YYYY

1) Date-Time format switch (\@)
Step 1

Press SHIFT & F9 and you will see or Right Click on the Merge filed and Select Toggle Field Codes from the popup menu.
Now merge field will show like { MERGEFIELD “Date of Purchase” \* MERGEFORMAT }
Step 2
Change the latter part so that it looks like { MERGEFIELD “Date of Purchase” \@ “dd/MM/yyyy” }
Press F9 to hide the field merge code and to update.
Now date will show as is available on excel data sheet.

Other conman formats supported on Mail merge

2)Format switch (\*)
{ FILLIN “Type your name:” \* Caps }
Also can be used follwoign formats.
\*Caps, \*Lower,\*FirstCap,\*alphabetic instead of numbers, etc.

3)Numeric format switch (\#)
IF you are getting result like 4455.709999 you have to use follwoing option
{ MarchSales \# #,##0.00 } Result 4,455.70


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