Benefits of Login Windows using Email id

If you sign in to any Microsoft service you must have to be a Microsoft account.

If you have yet not created just create It.You can also create email id using your existing email id like

If you don’t have any email id you can create Microsoft email id itself go through

Overview of benefits are:
Microsoft Apps Store: Once login you can easy access all things digital while protecting your personal information.

OneDrive : It works like Google Drive and Dropbox here is limit are for personal users 5 Gb Free.

Bing Search engine: personalize your search result so you can find what you are looking for faster.

MSN : Categories your collections of News, Sports, Weathers, Entertainment and mores.

MS Office: You can easily sync your all office docs across your devices like Mobile, Laptop and tablets on easy go. Microsoft developed web based portal which looks like offline MS outlook. Where you can sync your offline Task, Calendar, People very easily.

Skype : This is the one of the popular apps of Microsoft, you can use it for Calling (Video & Audio), Messaging and File/Screen sharing purposes.

Xbox Live : Play games with your family and friends and also you may connect with massive community of player worldwide.


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