Contacts from Windows Phone to Android Mobile

Step 1 – Export Contacts from Windows mobile

Login your Windows mobile using Microsoft Accounts (,, and Sync your mobile with this email id.

One Synchronization done Login above account on your PC. There is option called people on website where did you logged in.


Select Manage and choose “Export for and other services” option.

Press Save store the exported contacts file as “OutlookContacts.csv” on your computer

This is now almost done this file you can save for your future uses also.

Step 2 – Import Contacts on Android device.

Login to you Gmail account through Laptop /desktop. Then click on Gmail drop down Contacts will appear in front as follows


In Contacts page, press “More” menu and select “Import”.


Now press the “Choose File” button.

Navigate to the location where you saved the Windows Live Contacts file (OutlookContacts.csv) in the previous step and “Open” it.

Finally, press the “Import” button and wait until the import processing get completed.

Step 3 : Sync Contacts from google accounts to your Android Mobile

On the Android phone, go to “Settings” > “Accounts and Sync” or “Settings” > “Accounts”.

Under “Manage Accounts”, select (or “Add”) the Google account you used to import WLM contacts.

Finally press “Sync Contacts”.



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