​Get protected your Smart Phone

Smart phone is a book of your personal things it’s security is most important. Keeping smart phone on locker is not possible so you have to be ensure abouts its running security.
Basic precautions will help you prvent  a long way toward saving you time and money.

Always set a security pin password or pattern to lock your phone.

Setting above features are easy.On Android OS you have to through settings -Security Settings and there you will find different type of security option for Screen security.On iOS users can find these functions in the General options o settings. Few phones coming these days with finger print sensors we must use such as.

Apps only from trusted App stores ( Google play or apple store)

If you want to intstall any apps that is recommended to install through google play or apple store. Some time be try to gets aps using unknown or untrusted sites that could be danger for your smart phone. Avoid also app sharing features if possible. Also you have to check the ratings and revies of such apps.

Backup your smart phone regularly

Today many reliable backup apps available for taking backup of your whole phone your can check given link https://msbhandari.wordpress.com/2015/08/25/how-to-take-back-of-android-mobiletablets/

Synchronized your contact with Google account. On apple you can save contact on vcard and other formats also using iTunes you can take backup on icloud.

Updats OS Updates and App Update

Generally Androd as well Apple both smartphone Mobile gets Update instead of ignore them we have to do update. Also few apps ask us for updates. Such updates comes with new features as well security patches. 

Apps and browser access Tips.

Always getting logged in on browser is danger for always remembered that log out while your task get completed. Log on using your user I’d and password only selective or authentic apps.

Do not try to logon public hot spot or open network that could be cause of your mobile data hacking.

Also Turn off your Bluetooth,WiFi,hotspot note that if you keep on thes feature inviting thieves.

Dont share your personal detail

Message from bank

App personal information and chats

Confidential emails

All the above can be secure using second layer of password access which is called apps based password settings 

Whatsapp have the feature to set access password.

Some time you will get linked based email as well SMS don’t tab on if you don’t know about that we suggests remove such messages.

If you are leaving your mobile somewhere wipe off screen using handkerchief Note thieves can easily guess your password.

Anti Virus Apps

Just like computers, anti-virus apps have become almost essential for smartphones as well. Although how well they work is a debatable issue, there’s no denying the fact that having an anti-virus app installed.


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