Do repair your Laptop without help of any engineer

Power Supply

1. Check your power adopter is connected properly from Power supply unit to your last mile Laptop Socket.

2. May be your laptop  Battery is 100% drainned down. Wait at least 5 Minutes to get little lower on  batterywhich required to on machine.

3. Check power adopter & power cable as well adopter site also try to feel adopter small may be its get burned then you need to procure a new one.

4. Is the computer actually plugged into a working electrical outlet? If plugged into a power strip, make sure it is actually working.

5.Check the LED Power Indicators to see the computer’s power status.

3. Connections

Check all the cables to make sure that there are no loose connections anywhere.

4. Laptop won’t boot up properly.

There are many things that can go wrong with the operating system and other software on laptops. Many laptops have customised software installed according to a persons needs. One easy trick is to try to go into Safemode by pressing the F8 key on your keyboard during startup and try to clean up your laptop using antivirus. If the need arises to reformat the laptop, reinstall the operating system from the CDs that were supplied with the laptop. You will need all the drivers CD’s at the time of installation.

5.One of my Drives is missing?

If you turn on your computer and cannot see the CD-ROM or any other removable drives like DVD-ROM drive in the Computer window. This problem is common for laptop and notebook computers and it may be caused by a failed drive or by corrupted software. If its a removable drive try taking it out and plugging it in again. Failing that you may need to reinstall the drivers. A quick search on the internet and you should be able to find the latest ones.

6.Dropped Laptop!

Unfortunately dropping a laptop can cause numerous problems, from cracking the case to smashing the screen. Many older laptops have modular parts that can be replaced, but now the newer and smaller laptops have almost everything integrated on the motherboard itself, and that makes them very expensive to repair. In some cases, depending on the damage done and age of laptop, it can be cheaper to replace the whole laptop than have it repaired.


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