How to create Faster Website few key points

1    Images & animations: Use the alt attribute to describe the function of each visual.
2    Image maps. Use the client-side map and text for hotspots.
3    Multimedia. Provide captioning and transcripts of audio, and descriptions of video.
4    Hypertext links. Use text that makes sense when read out of context.
5    Page organization. Use headings, lists, and consistent structure. Use CSS for layout and style where possible.
6    Graphs & charts. Summarize or use the long description attribute.
7    Scripts, applets, & plug-ins. Provide alternative content in case active features are inaccessible or unsupported.
8    Frames. Use the noframes element and meaningful titles.
9    Tables. Make line-by-line reading sensible. Summarize.
10    Check your work. Validate. Use tools, checklist, and guidelines at


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