How to Save Battery of your Smart Phone

Today everyone facing issue related to battery life which is rarely run for 24 hours. So here we are giving you handy tips which will really get improve your Smart phone battery life.

Here with Tips how to get improvement on your mobile battery.Smartphone Battery

  • Don’t use vibrate for Calls, alarm, reminders, sms etc it will really help your battery life long.
  • Always full charge 100% your phone and don’t re-charge it before going completely discharged 1%
  • Keep black screen black or dark screen wallpapers it can save battery.
  • Use dark themes instead of light themes.
  • Don’t use adaptive or auto brightness. Set try to minimize your brightness manually.
  • Check the battery saving features on your phone and enable that.
  • Quick turnoff screen lock feature enable on your smart phone.
  • Use your basic battery saving mode.
  • Do not get enable always auto-sync feature which will get run background and consume your battery life.
  • Update your Apps manually instead automatically always.
  • Turn off Google hotwords.
  • You don’t need to get connected your data plans or switch on your mobile always 24/7.

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