How to tuneup Android Mobile and Tab


  1. Update your smartphone firmware:Go to Settings–>About phone–>System Updates double press on that and get latest update of Firmware recommended use WiFi or high-speed internet Firmware size could be little big.
  2. Reset your Android phone:Go to setting–>Privacy–>Factory Data Reset (Recommend use first data backup of your device)–>Reset Phone also ask you format SD card check box–> Finally it will reset you device on Factory mode (means on same condition when you buy the device)
  3. Check the Internal Memory Space:Select Settings from home screen/Menu–>Select SD Card & Phone Storage–>On the top under SD Card You will find Total Space and Available Space–>At the bottom Internal storage will show left available storage for installing your Android Apps. Also you can remove Cache from individual installed apps.
  4. Uninstall unused programs & application:Uninstall unused or rare used Apps this should be identified only by you.
  5. For temporary issue: you can reboot your Mobile/Tab.

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