How to take back of Android Mobile/Tablets

CM Backup

CM Backup is free backup solution which have facilities to backup and restore call logs, web browsers, photos, music, calendar and alarms in the cloud server.this app comes with 5GB free space.

Super Backup

Super Backup is a free android backup app that allows the user to save all photos, call logs, SMS, calendar, alarms and bookmarks to SD card/Google Drive/Gmail or in SD car and internal storage.

G Cloud Backup

As the name suggests, G Cloud Backup saves all the files like photos, music, SMS, call logs and so on in a cloud server, which will provide more storage space for your data. Login with your G Cloud ID and restore all your backed-up files to any location or device.

Easy Backup

Easy Backup is also a free Android backup app that can backup and restore all the files in a SD card/internal storage. You can set the backup to happen either manually or automatically that creates backups in Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, One Drive account.

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the backup solution for someone planning to root their Android device. You can backup, restore and freeze all the data with the app. You can also schedule and perform backups automatically.


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