What is Smartphone ?

A Smartphone is not just a simple calling and messing phone device. This comes with many more features which help us to get touch with family, business and world. Few highlights of the features as follows:

OS (Operating System)os

Now days Smartphone is comes based on different operating system similar to our computer that allows us run many applications (Apps). There are a range of Smartphones available in the market, which comes with OS like iOS, Android,Windows, Firefox, Symbian, Bada etc.

1.Apple iOS : iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are latest.
2.Android OS
: 85% Share captured by this OS : Samsung, Micromax, Xiaomi, Sony have many segment in the market.
3.Windows: Nokia & Microsoft collaboration make popular series of Lumia which comes with this OS only.
4.Blackberry : All blackberry mobiles comes using this OS :

Applications called apps

appsToday Smartphone have the ability to do more more than just calling and contact save. It allows you to download apps for personal and business purposes, handy personal assistants and almost anything to meet your requirements can be fulfill using these smart apps. Some smartphone comes preloaded with necessary apps and you can easily download paid and free apps onto your phones according to necessity and usability.

Internet and web access

You can use your Smartphone to browse your favorite websites. Most Smartphones in the market, including Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, HTC, LG and many more have in-built settings of GPRS, 2G, 3G, EDGE & some even feature 4G. also Smartphone have facility to connect using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.


Touch with QWERTY Keypad features

The touch screen keys are laid out similar to computer /laptop keypad. For people who regularly work on computers a touch QWERTY keypad Smart phone is a big relief as it gives them an easy grip to their smartphones.

Messaging Chat and Social connectivity

chatAll mobile phones can send and receive text messages, but a Smartphone can sync your personal and, most likely, your professional e-mail accounts to Gmail and outlook. And there is have beautiful user friendly interfaces available on such devices that help you see the whole conversation.

Your smartphone can help you stay connected with your friends or relatives through Whatsapp Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email & Chat. You can make changes in your profile status, check your friends’ updates, or just check your mails while on the move by directly accessing to such social networking sites on your Smartphone.

Photography, Audio & Video

Smartphone provide us best camera features back facing Photography and videography puposes and Front facing allows us to attend video calls on the go using skype, vyber etc. You can click highly clear HD images and even make lengthy and clear videos. Also for popular selfie.

Smartphone comes with FM Radio & Music also nowdays many online music streaming website youtube, gaana, Apple music etc.


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